St Joseph's Workshop Ltd was founded in 1980 by Sister Josepha. We were originally located in Leigh, Lancashire. After spending 9 years there a spate of break-ins on the property prompted a move to our current location 2.5 miles away in Atherton, Greater Manchester. 

After a few lean years the business was sold to Thomas Bennett. He saw the potential of the company and set about changing its fortunes. He reduced costs as well as increase the customer base and also added to the product range by moving into education with "Sum-Thing", a string of beads designed to help young children learn to count. A few years later the opportunity came to invest in another educational product, Homeworking School and Parent Partnership, a maths homework system designed to teach the national curriculum through a series of games to play at home.

The success of these new products allowed us to expand the workshop and invest in all aspects of the business, from upgraded computer systems to new staff facilities. 

We have a great team of loyal, knowledgeable, hard-working staff. Our most recent member of the team joined 9 years ago so i can assure everyone that the quality of the products comes from more than just the basic materials, it comes from the expertise and care that comes from a team that is capable of expecting the unexpected.

We are now tackling a new project, something we are unfamiliar with. We are trying to create an online presence. We want the UK to know we have a great product, we buy in the raw materials and make it into the wafers you see on this website today.